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Course Features

  • 6 fun and insightful video-based sessions
  • In-class practice of simple yet transforming Bible reflection methods
  • Tips for key Bible reading difficulties
  • At-home, individual Bible reflection options between sessions
  • Optional ongoing group resources
  • Flexible session length: 50-90 minutes


Topics Include

  • Strengthening the “ear of the heart” for reading Scripture
  • Shifting from information-gathering to feeding the soul
  • Cultivating daily courage to respond to God’s Word
  • Handling story passages as well as teaching passages
  • Tasting, savoring and digesting God’s word through the Bible


Preview Set Includes

    With humor and practical insight, Joel Warne teaches nourishing methods of Scripture meditation that help participants move across the divide from knowing about God to knowing God.
    This participant guide includes key Bible meditation methods, inspiring classic quotes and prayers from the Scriptures, tips for Bible reading difficulties, quiet time aids, passages for at-home reflection, room for notes, a format for ongoing Scripture reflection groups and more.
    The Facilitator Guide includes full outlines, materials, and leader tips for each session, plus a format for optional ongoing Bible reading groups after the course concludes.

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