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Changes… transitions… release of the old to make room for God’s new thing


As leaders we are walking through a unique moment holding

all the dimensions of Jesus’ journey – from ordinary ministry through the cross and resurrection, transition and ascension, and an outpouring of God’s new life into the world.  What is my invitation to walk my path as a participation in Jesus’ journey? What intersections are there between his Seasons and mine today?

The seasons


Life is good, things are progressing, my problems are fixable

Good Friday

Calamity, the death of something precious, the burial of the seed

Easter Sunday

God offering new life for my changed situation

The 40 Days

Mourning the death of the old, adjusting to the new


Releasing the old, letting it “ascend” with Jesus


Receiving the fullness of God’s Spirit into my real situation


This retreat helps unpack the special rhythms of Jesus’ life that offer transformation to ours. It helps us relax and make peace with our real lives, unfolding God’s movement in our path today!


retreat day for ministry leaders

includes group check-in, message around our themes, reflection, rest, and end of day debrief

Who for

Pastors, missions workers, spiritual directors, para-church leaders, staff members, counselors, and  – oh, you know who you are!




in-person or online


includes PDF handout that you will print

What People are Saying

So many 'ah-ha' moments! ...These themes strike a deep chord. Easter has begun in my soul after so many years of Good Friday!



Joel Warne


Joel Warne is the co-founder of WellSpring Life Resources. WellSpring offers transforming leadership, men’s, women’s and mixed group retreats, counseling & spiritual direction services, and small group resources.

For over 40 years Joel has helped hungry hearts live and serve more fully out of their identity in Jesus Christ. He and his wife Gerri, a Temperament counselor, have been married 44 years, have three wonderful children and their spouses, and seven wiggly grandchildren!