What is Spiritual Direction?

How do we listen for God’s presence in the highs and lows of life?

How do we strengthen our inner listening muscles to increase awareness and enjoyment of God in relationships, work, play, and service?

How do our wounds and hurts become not only painful, but life-giving as a place to be with God as we become our real selves?

How do we discern next steps in vocations, relationships, and our interior journey?

A Spiritual Director

is a companion in Christ who becomes a fellow listener, helping you notice and embrace God’s loving and hopeful presence in your life. A spiritual director offers encouragement, practical listening activities and postures of the heart that deepen and enrich your life with God, with yourself, and with the world.


Spiritual direction meetings are one-on-one, usually monthly, and last for about 70 minutes. They include listening sharing your story, pondering questions, and prayer.


$45 – $65 per session is ordinarily offered. Sessions are available though, regardless of your ability to pay.


Joel Warne

Spiritual Director

Joel Warne is a spiritual director and co-founder of WellSpring Life Resources, Inc. He’s the author of refreshing spiritual life materials including Soul Craving, How to Eat Your Bible, and Beloved.  For nearly 40 years he has led retreats, workshops, and classes probing pathways to intimate life with God. Joel and his wife, Gerri, a Temperament Counselor and WellSpring co-founder, live in Plymouth, Minnesota. Their family includes three adult children, their spouses, and six wiggly grandchildren!